Advice for Loft Conversions & House Extensions in Maidstone

We understand how overwhelming it can be to manage home development projects, such as loft conversions and home extensions at your Maidstone property. Our building contractors are proficient at handling all types of renovation work, from smaller attic conversions and garage conversions, to large-scale new builds. To advise customers on UK building regulations and planning permission applications, our professional team is on hand to give you all the help you need.


Planning Loft Conversions and House Extensions


To prevent unnecessary delays or refusals for loft conversions, house extensions and garage conversions from the Kent council, our building contractors assist Maidstone customers in submitting planning applications with accurate architectural plans. We are skilled at creating detailed drawings that highlight structural locations, dimensions, insulation and construction materials for projects that range from attic conversions to new builds. Because planning permits can can take up to 8 weeks to be processed, it is important to apply as soon as a final design has been chosen.


UK Building Regulations


Planning permission is not always required for loft conversions, house extensions or garage conversions, as it depends on the size of the structure and the location on your Maidstone property. To ensure UK building and safety regulations are adhered to, applications still need to be submitted to the local authorities.


Building contractors discuss the following restrictions which require planning permission for attic conversions and house extensions before work can commence:


1. Loft conversions at terraced properties cannot exceed 40 cubic metres. Attic conversions at detached or semi-detached houses cannot measure more than 50 cubic metres. This applies to house extensions and extensive garage conversions at your Maidstone or Southeast property.


2. Attic conversions and home extensions must not be constructed higher than the apex of your pitched roof or extend further than the existing roof plane.


3. Side-facing house extensions require frosted glass or obscured windows to maintain privacy for neighbouring properties.


4. Building contractors require authorisation before any raised platforms, balconies or verandas can be added to the exteriors of loft conversions and home extensions.


5. Any windows for dormer, hip to gable or VELUX attic conversions must be able to open at a minimum height of 1.7 metres above the floor.


6. Construction materials used by building contractors must resemble the rest of your Maidstone home, such as the colour of roofline components.


Advice for New Builds


A Detailed Planning Permission (DPP) application is required for new build projects intended for vacant plots of land. Maidstone customers can check for any restrictions prior to purchase or include any limitations as a contractual clause. Brownfield areas (land which has already been developed) are likely to be approved; however, greenfield areas (undeveloped plots) need to be sanctioned by Kent council officials.


New builds, such as summer houses or garden structures on the grounds of your Maidstone property, need approval depending on their height and proximity to neighbouring buildings. Our building contractors help homeowners to liaise with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to resolve any issues.


For more professional advice from our building contractors about loft or attic conversions and house extensions in Maidstone and the surrounding area, call 01622 729 039.

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