Loft Conversion Planning

All loft conversions have to be constructed according to strict Building Regulations. This includes rules on fire precautions, access and escape routes.

Official regulations can sometimes affect which types of conversion are available to you, according to the type of house you wish to convert, and the area you live in. In some cases we may need to apply for Planning Permission from your Local Authority.

For instance, you will not require permission if your conversion does not exceed 40 cubic metres, for a terraced property, or 50 cubic metres for a non-terraced property. This condition only applies to properties that are not located in a Conservation Area or have other specific restrictions.


Many people find the rules governing planning permission a headache, and it can all seem like a lot of meaningless red tape. However, we have been through this process many times over the years, and will be happy to make the applications on your behalf. It is in everyone's interest to secure the correct planning permission before work commences.

Building Control

We will work closely with your Local Authority Building Inspector to ensure that your conversion receives a completion certificate, which is vital in adding value to your property.

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